Secret Health Tips 

Secret Health Tip for men is aware of this secret they don’t stop eating Amla. Amla is having so many mental values studies proved that is having so many health benefits to protect these health benefits without getting destroyed it is proven to store. gooseberry in the salt water our we can make powder by drying it is proven that there are so many health benefits foremen by taking Amla.

Benefits Of Amla. Secret Health Tips

Amla increases potency in males it helps in hair growth it purifies blood and reduces phlegm in the body Amla is rich in vitamin C .we can get 20% of more vitamin C in Amla. then oranges Amla improves digestion. when we take amla mixed with honey it reduces jaundice cold cough and fever. Amla reduces diabetes.

Benefits Of Amla oil. health tip

Gooseberry is used as a primary ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines and it is also used in shampoos pastes and hair oils overall Amla is more beneficial for men than woman researches proved that Amla increases the sperm count in men. and also increases the sexual potency in men. if men are aware of this secret they will consume Amla daily